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McXtrace - An X-ray ray-trace simulation package

ESRF; SAXSLAB Niels Bohr Institute DTU Physics


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Erik Bergbäck Knudsen, Andrea Prodi, Jana Baltser, Maria Thomsen, P Kjær Willendrup, M Sanchez del Rio, Claudio Ferrero, Emmanuel Farhi, Kristoffer Haldrup, Anette Vickery, et al. Mcxtrace: a monte carlo software package for simulating x-ray optics, beamlines and experiments. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 46(3):679-696, 2013.

Erik Bergbäck Knudsen, A Prodi, Peter Kjær Willendrup, Kim Lefmann, J Baltser, C Gundlach, M Sanchez del Rio, C Ferrero, and Robert Feidenhans'l. McXtrace: A modern ray-tracing package for X-ray instrumentation. In Proceedings of SPIE, volume 8141, page 81410G, 2011.

J. Baltser, E. Knudsen, A. Vickery, O. Chubar, A. Snigirev, G. Vaughan, R. Feidenhans'l, and K. Lefmann. Advanced simulations of x-ray beam propagation through crl transfocators using ray-tracing and wavefront propagation methods. In Proceedings of SPIE, volume 8141, page 814111, 2011.

A. Prodi, E. Knudsen, P. Willendrup, S. Schmidt, C. Ferrero, K. Lefmann, et al. A monte carlo approach for simulating the propagation of partially coherent x-ray beams. In Proceedings of SPIE, volume 8141, page 814108, 2011.

Talks/Posters from various meetings

  • Introduction to McXtrace at the 3codes workshop, Grenoble, France, Jun. '13
3Codes McXtrace

  • SRI10, Chicago, IL, USA, Sep. 10

Other talks etc.


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