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McXtrace: ESRF_ID01 Instrument at ESRF

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The ESRF_ID01 Instrument

Nano-diffraction imaging beamline at ESRF, Grenoble


  • Site: ESRF
  • Author: Martin Cramer Pedersen (
  • Origin: University of Copenhagen
  • Date: March, 2015
  • Version:(Unknown)


This model of ID01 is designed specifically to conduct virtual scanning nano-diffraction imaging 
experiments such as the one demonstrated Chahine et al., J. Appl. Cryst 47, 762-769. The model 
includes beam-defining slits, a double Si111-monochromator, a Fresnel Zone Plate, a polycrystalline  
sample designed specifically for this type of virtual experiments, and a detector set up mimicking the  
set up at the actual beam-line. The nanodiffraction experiment is performed by locating a suitable peak
in the diffraction of the crystal (using the variables NominalEnergy, Delta, and Eta) 
and then scan across the sample (using the variables Pix and ySamplePosition). By plotting 
e.g. total detector intensity as a function of position, one can map out impurities in the sample by  
their scattering properties.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
DistanceSampleToDetector m Distance from sample to detector 0.5
NominalEnergy keV Nominal energy of photons after monochromation 8.0
Delta deg Angle rotating the detector around the sample in the yz-plane 0.0
Nu for asymmetric peaks [deg] Horizontal plane rotation angle of the detector 0.0
Eta deg Angle between the incoming beam and the sample normal in the yz-plane 0.0
Phi for asymmetric peaks [deg] Horizontal plane rotation angle of the sample 0.0
Pix um Horizontal offset of sample 0.0
Piy um Vertical offset of sample 0.0
SampleMosaicity moa Mosaicity of the sample crystal lattice 1.0
SampleDeltadoverd 0.001


  • Source code for ESRF_ID01.instr.

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