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McXtrace: MAXIV_DanMAX_pxrd1d Instrument at MAXIV

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The MAXIV_DanMAX_pxrd1d Instrument

DanMAX Powder diffraction/Imaging beamline being designed at MAX IV.


  • Site: MAXIV
  • Author: Erik B Knudsen (
  • Origin: DTU Physics
  • Date: Aug 2015
  • Version: 1.0


Design study model of the DanMAX PowderX/Imaging beamline.
This early version uses a Gaussian approximation source, and a simple bandpass filter
as the multilayer.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
E0 keV The central energy to sample from source model. 35
DE keV Spectral width (std. dev. if gaussian source) to sample from source model. 0.05
undK Undulator K parameter, overrides E0. 0
undDetune eV First harmonic detuning in eV. When zero - max flux on axis. If set to approx. 4 eV one can gain ~20% of flux through the aperture. 4
DCM_e0 keV The energy to tune the Si monochromator to. May be different from E0. If 0 the DCM is controlled by DCM_angle. 35
DMM_e0 keV The energy to tune the ML monochromator to. May be different from E0. If 0 the DMM is controlled by DMM_angle. 35
oh_premonoh m Pre-mono (white beam) slit height. 1e-3
oh_premonow m Pre-mono (white beam) slit width. 1e-3
oh_endh m OH exit slit height. 1e-3
oh_endw m OH exit slit width. 1e-3
PXRDsampleap_h m PXRD clean-up aperture height. 300e-6
PXRDsampleap_w m PXRD clean-up aperture width. 300e-6
DMM_angle deg Glancing angle of the ML. 0
DCM_angle deg Glacing angle of the Si-111 monochromator crystals. 0
DCM If nonzero the high-resolution SI DCM is active. 1
DMM If nonzero the multilayer mono is active. 0
OH_2DCRL_N Number of 2D focus CRLs in the optics hutch transfocator. 0 means transfocator is inactive. 11
PXRD_SIMPLE If zero - the full powder diffraction strip detector is active, else a single circular approximation is active. 1
sample_radius 100e-6
pxrd_strip_tth0 deg Angle offset of the PXRD 1d-strip detector from the optical axis. 0
debugMon If nonzero, all intermediate monitors appear for debugging purposes. 1
beamStop If nonzero, a beamstop is in between sample and PXRD 1d-strip detector. 0


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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