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McXtrace: Lens_parab_rough Component

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The Lens_parab_rough Component


  • Author:(Unknown)
  • Origin:(Unknown)
  • Date:(Unknown)
  • Version:(Unknown)


A simple X-ray compound refractive lens (CRL) with a profile of the parabola in rotation simulates the photons' movement on passing through it. The CRL focuses in 2D

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
material_datafile "Be.txt"
r - =b.constants[0]; yheight=b.constants[1]; xwidth=b.constants[2]; d=b.constants[3]; M=b.constants[4]; Sign=b.constants[5]; 0.5e-3
yheight - - the CRL's dimensions along Y, aka aperture[mm]; 1.4e-3
xwidth - - the CRL's dimensions along X [mm]; 1.4e-3
d - - distance between two surfaces of the lens along the propagation axis; .1e-3
T - - transmission of the lens .99
N - - amount of single lenses in a stack. 1
deltaN - - auxiliary parameter = delta*Number of lenses, valuable in cases when applying thin lens approximation to thick lens properties. 0
rough_z rms -waviness along z 0
rough_xy - =b.constants[6]; rough_z=b.constants[7]; 0

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default
parab - .constants[3]=(nr+1)*d+nr*2*w; parab.constants[4]=Refractive_Index_Re; parab.constants[5]=1.0;  


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