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McXtrace: Source_lab Component

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The Source_lab Component

Laboratory x-ray source.


  • Author: Erik Bergbaeck Knudsen
  • Origin: Kgs. Lyngby
  • Date: May 2012
  • Version: 1.0


Model of a laboratory x-ray tube, generating x-rays by bombarding a target by electrons.
Given a input energy E0 of the electron beam, x-rays are emitted from the accessible emission lines
The geometry of the tube is assumed to be:
# The electron beam hits a slab of surface material surface at a right angle illuminating an area of width by height,
# where width is measured along the component X-axis.
# The centre of the electron beam at the anode surface is the origin of the component.
# The Z-axis of the component points at the centre of the exit window (focus_xw by focus yh) 
placed at a distance dist from the origin.
# The angle between the Z-axis and the anode surface is the take_off angle.
For a detailed sketch of the geometry see the componnent manual.

The Bremsstrahlung emitted is modelled using the model of Kramer (1923) as restated in International
Tables of Crystallography C 4.1
Characteristic radiation is modelled by Lorentzian (default) or Gaussian energy profiles with
line-energies from Bearden (1967), widths from Krause (1979) and intensity from Honkimäki (1990) and x-ray data booklet.
Absoprtion of emitted x-rays while travelling through the target anode is included. 

Example: Source_lab(material_datafile="Cu.txt",Emin=1, E0=80)

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
material_datafile Name of datafile which describes the target material. "Cu.txt"
width m Width of electron beam impinging on the anode. 1e-3
height m Height of electron beam impinging on the anode. 1e-3
thickness m Thickness of the anode material slab. 100e-6
E0 kV Acceleration voltage of xray tube. 20
Emax keV Maximum energy to sample. Default (Emax=0) is to set it to E0. 0
Emin keV Minimum energy to sample. 1
focus_xw m Width of exit window. 5e-3
focus_yh m Height of exit window. 5e-3
take_off deg Take off angle of beam centre. 6
dist m Distance between centre of illuminated target and exit window. 1
tube_current A Electron beam current. 1e-3
frac Fraction of statistic to use for Bremsstrahlung. 0.1
lorentzian If nonzero Lorentzian (more correct) line profiles are used. 1

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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