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McXtrace: Source_lab Component

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The Source_lab Component

Laboratory x-ray source.


  • Author: Erik Bergbaeck Knudsen
  • Origin: Kgs. Lyngby
  • Date: May 2012
  • Version: 1.0


Model of a laboratory x-ray tube, generating x-rays by bombarding a target by electrons.
Given a input energy E0 of the electron beam, x-rays are emitted from the accessible emission lines
The geometry of the tube is assumed to be:
 The electron beam hits a slab of surface material surface at a at a right angle illuminating an area of width by height,
 where width is measured along the component X-axis. 
 A window is situated at the origin of the component, which is at an angle take_off wrt. the surface plane of the anode. 
 The origin of the component is the centre of the exit window with the beam direction (Z) perpendicular to it
The Bremsstrahlung emitted is modelled using the model of Kramer (1923) as restated in International
Tables of Crystallography C 4.1
Characteristic radiation is modelled by Gaussian energy profiles with line-energies from Bearden (1967), widths from
Krause (1979) and intensity from Honkimäki (1990) and x-ray data booklet.
Absoprtion of emitted x-rays while travelling through the target anode is included. 

Example: Source_lab(material_datafile="Cu.txt",Emin=1, E0=80)

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
material_datafile "Cu.txt"
width m Width of electron beam impinging on the anode. 1e-3
height m Height of electron beam impinging on the anode. 1e-3
thickness m Thickness of the anode material slab. 100e-6
E0 kV Acceleration voltage of xray tube. 20
Emax keV Maximum energy to sample. Default (Emax=0) is to set it to E0. 0
Emin keV Minimum energy to sample. 1
focus_xw m Width of exit window. 5e-3
focus_yh m Height of exit window. 5e-3
take_off deg Take off angle of beam centre. 6
dist m Distance between centre of illuminated target and exit window. 1
tube_current A Electron beam current. 1e-3
frac 0.5

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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