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The Source_spectra Component

Specialized X-ray source for reading in SPECTRA source definitions



This is a source component for connecting SPECTRA -output files with McXtrace.

SPECTRA is an application software to calculate optical properties of synchrotron 
radiation (SR) emitted from bending magnets, wigglers (conventional and elliptical) 
and undulators (conventional, helical, elliptical and figure-8). Calculations 
of radiation from an arbitrary magnetic field distribution are also available. 
Parameters on the electron beam and the source can be edited completely on 
graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and it is possible to show the calculation 
result graphically. The energy spectrum and radiation power after transmitting 
various filters and convolution of detector's resolution are also available. 



Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
brilliance_column 2
spectra_stem_x ""
spectra_stem_y ""
spectra_suffix "dsc"
verbose 1 If non-zero output more warning messages. 0
E0 keV Mean energy of X-rays. 0
dE keV Energy spread of X-rays. 0
lambda0 AA Mean wavelength of X-rays (only relevant for E0=0). 0
dlambda AA Wavelength half spread of X-rays. 0
flux 1/(s * mm**2 *mrad**2 * energy unit) flux per energy unit, Angs or keV. 0
gauss 1 Criterion: 0: uniform, 1: Gaussian distribution of energy/wavelength. 0
gauss_a 1 Criterion: 0: uniform, 1: Gaussian divergence distribution. 0
incoherent 1 Deprecated, please use randomphase instead. 1
randomphase 1 If !=0 the photon phase is chosen randomly. 1
phase 1 Value of the photon phase (only used if randomphase!=0). 0
nx 51
ny 51
npx 51
npy 51
initial_serial 1 First serial number that the series of spectra files. 1

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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