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The Undulator Component

Model of an undulator source



A undulator source model based on the derivation by K.J. Kim, AIP, conf. proc., 184, 1989. doi:10.1063/1.38046.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
verbose if nonzero, output extra information. 0
E0 keV Center of emitted energy spectrum (overrides lambda0). 0
dE keV Half-width of emitted energy spectrum. 0
phase Initial phase of radiation. 0
randomphase If !=0 phase will be random (I.e. the emitted radiation is completely incoherent). 1
Ee GeV Storage ring electron energy [typically a few GeV). 2.4
dEe Relative electron energy beam spread (sigma/Ee). 0
Ie A Ring current. 0.4
tbunch s Bunch length. 0 means continous source. 0
t0 s Delay of the first bunch from t=0. 0
B T Peak magnet field strength. Overrides K. 0
K Dimensionless undulator parameter. 0
gap m Undulator gap. If > gap_min the actual magnetic field strength is < B. Currently ignored. 1e-3
Nper Number of magnetic periods in the undulator. 1
lu m Magnetic period length of the undulator. 16e-3
sigey m Electron ring beam size in vertical plane (rms). 0
sigex m Electron ring beam size in horizontal plane (rms). 0
sigepx rad Electron ring beam horizontal divergence (rms). 0
sigepy rad Electron ring beam vertical divergence (rms). 0
focus_xw m Width of target window. 0
focus_yh 0
dist m Distance from source plane to target window along the optical axis. 1
gauss_t 0
quick_integ if nonzero, use faster (but less accurate) integration scheme. 0
E1st keV Energy of the fundmental (1st) undulator harmonic. 0

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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