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We suggest you uninstall previous versions of McXtrace before installing McXtrace 1.4. The versions may interfere with each other on some systems. If you experience problems please don't hesitate to contact the development team (for instance through the mailing list) - we will help you out ASAP.

Firstly, make sure you have strawberry perl installed. For instance by downloading and installing the INSTALL_FIRST_...-file from from here. This is also includes the mingw c-compiler for windows. Please note that we do recommend using the 32 bit version even though you have a 64 bit system, as we have found inaccuracies and other strange errors to occur otherwise.

Secondly, download and install the McXtrace 1.2 self extracting installer INSTALL_SECOND_AS_ADMIN_McXtrace-Metapackage-1.4-win32.exe from here. Please make sure you run this as an Adminstrator. During the installation process you may choose to install optional packages.

In the extras directory you may additionally find MS MPI-libraries and and NeXus libraries. The former is the recommended way to run MPI on windows systems, the latter is necessary if you prefer to get you output in the NeXus-format (see description here: The NeXus format instead of in the default ascii-based format.

Ubuntu on Windows 10

As an alternative to the above approach, you can also run our Debian Linux binaries directly under Windows via the WSL (Windows 10 64bit and newer only. Description and recipe: Partnering with Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft has released the (experimental) feature "Windows subsystem for Linux" (WSL), also known as "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows". Read more follwing these links
pcworld: bash on windows 10, hotogeek: bash on windows 10. It turns out that it is relatively straightforward to get McXtrace running under this new feature - thereby overcoming some of the annoyances of McXtrace on the Windows platform. To try it out, please follow the below steps
  1. Install a copy of Windows 10 64 bit.
  2. Update it beyond "Windows 10 Version 1607" - aka the "anniversary build".
  3. Enable "developer mode" in settings.
  4. Use "turn features on or off" to enable "Bash in windows".
  5. Start bash via the start icon / cmd+esc
  6. Install McXtrace as usual on a Debian systems. Also remember that you can easily install openmpi etc.
  7. Install and start the Xming X-server from here: Xming site.
  8. Turn back to your bash and execute.
    • export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
    • mcgui & or mcgui-py & (or any of the usual McStas commands)

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