We suggest you uninstall previous versions of McXtrace before installing McXtrace 1.2. The versions may interfere with each other on some systems. If you experience problems please don't hesitate to contact the development team (for instance through the mailing list) - we will help you out ASAP.

Firstly, make sure you have strawberry perl installed. For instance by downloading and installing INSTALL_FIRST_strawberry-perl- from here. This is also includes the mingw c-compiler for windows. Please note that we do recommend using the 32 bit version even though you have a 64 bit system, as we have found inaccuracies and other strange errors to occur otherwise.

Secondly, download and install the McXtrace 1.2 self extracting installer INSTALL_SECOND_AS_ADMIN_McXtrace-Metapackage-1.2-win32.exe from here. Please make sure you run this as an Adminstrator. During the installation process you may choose to install optional packages such the new python based replacement scripts offering some additional faetures.

Python is not shipped with the installation archive, partly because the size of the installer would become impractical, partly for licensing reasons.