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McXtrace: PBD_BT

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The PBD_BT Instrument

Mockup of 219/B004 PBD


  • Site: NIST
  • Author: Marcus H. Mendenhall (
  • Origin: Your institution
  • Date: Current Date


This is a preliminary setup of the PBD, using single-bounce crystals instead of 3-bounce crystals

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
source_ymVertical offset of the source exit-widow.0.0
source_rotationdegRotation around the X-axis of the source.0.0
beam_vertmHeight of beam exit.window.0.002
beam_hormWidth of beam exit-window.0.001
mirror_length 0.05
mirror_full_deflection_angledegDeflection angle of mirror2.32
mirror_center_distancemDistance from0.1
mirror_focal_error 0.0
mirror_rotation_angle -2.32
use_mirror Flag to set whether to use the mirror or no.1
mono_rotation Rotation angle of the monochromator crystal.0.0
use_mono Flag enabling/disabling the monochromator.1
mono_detuning_secondsarcsecDetuning angle for the monochromator crystal(s).34
mono_misalignment_angle_arcsecarcsecMislignment of the monochromator.0
mono_incident_angle_degdegNominal angle of incidence for beam vs. monochromator.3.0
slit_1_vertm1st aperture vertical.0.001
slit_1_horm1st aperture horizontal.0.0015
slit_2_vertm2nd aperture vertical.0.005
slit_2_horm2nd aperture horizontal.0.002
eminkeVMinimal energy to sample.8.046
emaxkeVMaximal energy to sample.8.050
omegadegSample roation around the Y-axis.106.715
thetadegSample rotation around the X-axis.-160.0725
hh 1st Miller index of the sample crystal reflection under study.4
kk 2nd Miller index of the sample crystal reflection under study.4
ll 3rd Miller index of the sample crystal reflection under study.0
use_flat_source Use a flat source instead of Lab_source, for debugging.0
stop_at_energy Flag0
use_3_bounce Use a 3-bounce set up instead of 1-bounce.1
run_setupstringWhich setup to use?"nosetup"
polarizationstringShould polarization be taken into effect."0"


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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