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McStas: MAXIV_DanMAX_pxrd2d

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The MAXIV_DanMAX_pxrd2d Instrument

DanMAX Powder diffraction/Imaging beamline being designed at MAX IV.


  • Site: MAXIV
  • Author: Erik B Knudsen (
  • Origin: DTU Physics
  • Date: Aug 2015


Design study model of the DanMAX PowderX/Imaging beamline.
This early version uses a Gaussian approximation source, and a simple bandpass filter
as the multilayer.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
E0keVThe central energy to sample from source model.35
DEkeVSpectral width (std. dev. if gaussian source) to sample from source model.0.05
undK Undulator K parameter, overrides E0.0
undDetuneeVFirst harmonic detuning in eV. When zero - max flux on axis. If set to approx. 4 eV one can gain ~20% of flux through the aperture.4
DCM_e0keVThe energy to tune the Si monochromator to. May be different from E0. If 0 the DCM is controlled by DCM_angle.35
DMM_e0keVThe energy to tune the ML monochromator to. May be different from E0. If 0 the DMM is controlled by DMM_angle.35
oh_premonohmPre-mono (white beam) slit height.1e-3
oh_premonowmPre-mono (white beam) slit width.1e-3
oh_endhmOH exit slit height.1e-3
oh_endwmOH exit slit width.1e-3
PXRDsampleap_hmPXRD clean-up aperture height.300e-6
PXRDsampleap_wmPXRD clean-up aperture width.300e-6
DMM_angledegGlancing angle of the ML.0
DCM_angledegGlacing angle of the Si-111 monochromator crystals.0
DCM If nonzero the high-resolution SI DCM is active.1
DMM If nonzero the multilayer mono is active.0
OH_2DCRL_N Number of 2D focus CRLs in the optics hutch transfocator. 0 means transfocator is inactive.0
pxrd_2d_ymOffset of 2d-area detector centre perpendicular to the detector arm.135e-3
pxrd_2d_tthc Rotation around the sample tube (i.e. the x-axis) of the 2d-area detector arm.0
debugMon If nonzero, all intermediate monitors appear for debugging purposes.1
beamStop If nonzero, a beamstop is in between sample and PXRD 2d-detector.1
SPLITS Split-number at the sample position.100


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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