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McStas: rock

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The rock Instrument

ROCK beam-line at SOLEIL


  • Site: SOLEIL
  • Author: Stephane Bac, Antoine Padovani, Emmanuel Farhi
  • Origin: SOLEIL
  • Date: 21/01/2022


ROCK : Rocking Optics for Chemical Kinetics ROCK time-resolved X-ray

absorption spectroscopy (XAS) beamline Energy range 4 - 40 keV The ROCK
beamline (ROCK being the acronym for Rocking Optics for Chemical Kinetics) is
devoted to the study of fast kinetic processes in nanomaterials used in
catalysis and batteries. The objective is to contribute to the development of
more efficient catalysts and batteries which should find successful industrial
applications in the field of energy generation and storage in compliance with
the protection of public health and environment. The better knowledge at the
atomic scale of nanomaterials involved in catalysis or energy storage provided
by time-resolved XAS is recognized by the concerned communities as mandatory
for establishing synthesis strategies leading to important breakthroughs in
the production of energy from renewable sources and in the development of
advanced energy storage devices.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
EtohiteVEnergy to hit15918
angle_m2a_m2bradM2A/M2B mirror's deviation angle, can vary from 0.0035 to 0.01040.008
nbsample 1
sample_filestringsample file name"Cu.txt"
sample_densityg/cm^3sample density8.96
sample_file_2stringsample two file name"Mo.txt"
sample_density_2g/cm^3sample two density10.28
reflec_material_M1stringmaterial reflectivity file name for M1 mirror"Ir.dat"
reflec_material_M2Astringmaterial reflectivity file name for M2A mirror"B4C.dat"
reflec_material_M2Bstringmaterial reflectivity file name for M2B mirror"B4C.txt"
cc0 for Si 220 with an energy range of 5628.83-46283.4 eV/4-35 deg (hittable:11752-34055 ev/5.44-15.94 deg), 1 for Si 111 long 3446.94-28342.7 eV/4-35 deg (hittable:7196-20854 ev/5.44-15.94 deg), 2 for Si 111 short 3446.94-18914.3 eV/6-35 deg (hittable:5323-18914 ev/6-21.8 deg), 3 changes cc dynamically0


  • Source code for SOLEIL_ROCK.instr.

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