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McXtrace: Template_Johann_spec

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The Template_Johann_spec Instrument

Template instrument for a curved crystal Johann-spectrometer


  • Site: Templates
  • Author: Erik B Knudsen (
  • Origin: DTU Physics
  • Date: Jan 2019


This is a template instrument for a Johann spectrometer intended
for easy inclusion in other "real" instrument simulations.

The source is a divergent line like source which illumnates the
full crystal. The analyzer crystal itself is modelled as a single
bent crystal curved to a primary radius of 2*Rowland-radius.

To include a Johann spectrometer in an instrument the sample should be put where
source is in this template. and otherwis copy-paste.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
LmLength of the analyzer crystal.0.2
r_RowmRadius of the Rowland circle. Also governs the crystal curvature (2*r_Row).0.5
theta_incdegAngle of incidence at the crystal centre78.5
dtheta_sdegRotation angle of the Source. To allow scanning with a pencil beam across the crystal face.0
phi_sdegOpening angle of source. If 0 it is set to cover the full crystal (and some).0


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