McXtrace 3.2 quick mxdoc bugfix

[07/07/2022]Dear all, a minor annoyance in the 3.2 release of McXtrace has been found:
Many of the component information headers will not render correctly in mxdoc / the html documentation.
To fix the problem locally on your machine, please:
  1. Replace your McXtrace 3.2 $MCXTRACE/tools/Python/mccodelib/ by the one available on mccode-3 on GitHub
  2. Run mxdoc -i (with needed admin credentials if needed, command replaces the html files in $MCXTRACE
A fresh McXtrace release will be spun out later in the summer or early fall.

McXtrace 3.2 released

[06/07/2022]Dear all, The new 3.2 release of McXtrace is now out:

McXtrace "next-generation", v. 3.2 is built and ready for download!

Download and installation instructions are available via our GitHub INSTALL-doc pages.

Selected highligts from the releases are listed below. The full list of changes for both releases is also available at our CHANGES_McXtrace document

!!! Please start your migration to 3.x: !!!The earlier McXtrace 1.7.1 was the "finals update" to the 1.x series, sharing a subset of tool features with McXtrace 3.1. The Wiki has a dedicated section on McXtrace 1.x -> McXtrace 3.x conversion that includes:

- If you are still in trouble, please write us a GitHub issue or an email to

Release highligts

We hope you will enjoy this new release!!!
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