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McXtrace 1.6 is released

[16/08/2021] Dear simulators, The McXtrace team is happy to announce the release of McXtrace version 1.6.

At present there are binary packages built for

  1. Debian/Ubuntu class systems
  2. Red hat Fedora 33 and newer
  3. Windows 10 / 64 bit
  4. MacOS -- both Arm and Intel-based
Please go to for specific installation instructions for your platform. It is always our ambition to stay close to the "generic" installation procedure for the various platforms. If that fails you may also build McXtrace directly from source by cloning our github repository and proceed using cmake. Should installation elude you completely we will shortly provide a docker based solution - so stay tuned for that. As always - should you encounter problems please don't hesitate to reach out through any of our channels: mailing list/direct email/generate a ticket on github, etc. Happy simulation!

CHANGES in McXtrace 1.6

  1. Union concept for X-rays A subsystem under McXtrace that separate physics from geometry, thereby allowing multiscattering processes from object to object.
  2. Scatter logger subsystem.
    A concept to allow quantification of parasitic scattering from e.g. mirror substrate.
  3. New Components
    • Sources, Source_div_quasi.comp - quasi-stochastic sampled set divergence source.
    • Samples, Abs_objects.comp - A set of absorbing objects
    • Misc, Scatter_logger.comp - The set of components defining the scatter logger interface.
    • Misc, Scatter_logger_stop.comp
    • Misc, Scatter_log_iterator.comp
    • Misc, Scatter_log_iterator_stop.comp
    • Misc, Shape.comp - Inactive shape, to embellish instrument display, e.g. a flight tube.
    • Optics, Grating_trans.comp - Linear transmission grating
    • Optics, Lens_CRL_RTM.comp - 1D-compound refractive lens based on the ray transfer matrix method
    • Union, Union_master.comp - Set of components defining the Union subsystem.
    • Union, Union_cylinder.comp
    • Union, Union_sphere.comp
    • Union, Union_make_material.comp
    • Union, Union_box.comp
    • Union, Compton_xrl_process.comp
    • Union, Incoherent_process.comp
    • Union, Union_logger_2D_space.comp
    • Union, Union_logger_1D.comp
    • ...and more...
    • Contrib, Bragg_crystal_simple.comp - Simple, easy-to-use reflective crystal.
  4. Many new test-examples and bug fixes. Refer to for daily tests
  5. New example instruments
    • Test_mirror_parabolic.instr - Template instrument for the parabolic reflector.
    • Test_Detector_pn.instr - Templat/test instrument for a detector with quantum efficiency.
    • Test_grating_trans.instr - Template transmission grating instrument
    • Focal_pt_monitor.instr - Template for setting up direct measurement of focal point.
    • NBI_Lab_TOMO.instr - Laboratory tomography setup.
    • Airport_scannerII.instr - Lab-based large scale tomograhy setup with multiple off-objects
    • Union_incoherent.instr - Examples that shows how to use Union.
    • Union_geom_demo.instr
    • Template_DCM.instr - a template for how to set up a double crystal monochromator.
    • Template_Johann_spec.instr - template for a Johann spectrometer (such as FXE@E-XFEL)
    • Template_Scatter_log_losses.instr - template for logging losses in a mirror
    • Test_source_spectra.instr
  6. A GUI feature to connect the McXtrace GUI with your editor of choice
  7. Many updates to existing beamline models.

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