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McXtrace - Monte Carlo Xray Tracing, is a joint venture by

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Our code is based on technology from mcstas_logo_thumb.png

Code repository (shared with 'McStas') is located at

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Issue with anisotropic SasView models

[13/02/2024] Dear all, a bug in the 3.2 release of McXtrace has been found by one of our DTU users.

Instruments containing "anisotropic" SasView components will not compile out of the box, instead giving the compilation error

core_shell_cylinder:2944:43: error: expected ')'
  double l0, l1, k, l_full, l, dl, d_Phi, theta;

which indicates a doubly-defined 'theta' symbol in the generated component-codes.

If you need / want to use one of these anisotropic models, please either

A fresh McXtrace release will be spun out in the spring of 2024.
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